Simple Smoothie: The Cloud

Simple Smoothie: The Cloud

Try It At Home With Your Own Coco Jack!

This is the simplest Coco Smoothie you can make.  Just follow this simple formula:

Coconut Water + Coconut Meat = Yum
We recommend using a high powered blender like a Vita-Mix, and approximately 2 coconuts worth of meat for every coconut worth of water.  But your mileage will vary.  Keep adding water and meat until you get the right consistency.  What is the right consistency?  "Fluffy."  Look for a fluffy white smoothie that is smooth and not too granular and separated (this is where the Vita-Mix works magic). 

When this is done right, it's my favorite smoothie in the world.  Simplicity and perfection.  Sweet zen in a cup.  Enjoy!
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