Coconut Kefir

Coconut Kefir

See how simple all these recipes are? Don't worry, we have more involved ones up our sleeves, but for the health benefits of Thai Coconuts, you really can't beat the basics.

Coconut kefir does a world of good for your body. It is a great digestive aid, is full of minerals, and a great energy booster. And it adds a "kick" to non-alcoholic cocktails (like raw Piña Colada!), smoothies, elixirs, and dressings.

And it's easy to make!

  • As much coconut water as you like
  • A packet of kefir granules (vegan or non vegan, as you prefer)


  1. Mix them together and pour into a clean, sterile container - preferably glass.
  2. Let sit loosely covered for up to 2 days, depending on the temperature in your house and how strong you like your kefir. You can take it all the way to a vinegar if you like, or leave just a hint of carbonation in your coconut water.
  3. After about 12 hours, it's worth tasting periodically to get it just where you want it. You can also split up your batch and leave half out longer to see how much "funk" you can stand.
  4. Experiment and have fun! Now that you can safely open Coconuts all day long, you can enjoy as much home-made Coco Kefir as you like!

We'll be posting cocktail recipes soon! Use anywhere you would use kombucha to fizz up your favorite drinks.



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