1 Year Guarantee and Maintenance

At Coco Jack, we stand behind our products.  If you purchase our approved Coco Mallet along with your Coco Jack for home use, your Coco Jack will be guaranteed for 1 year/1000 Coconuts (whichever comes first) against breakage.

We have tested the Coco Jack and our Coco Mallet to over 5,000 hits, and it showed no sign of wearing down at all.  Unfortunately, we can't guarantee any other kind of mallet or hammer, since these have not been tested, and we are pretty sure if you used a metal hammer or a small sledge that Coco Jack might encounter some troubles.

(Also, we don’t recommend using a rubber mallet, since the rubber is often not food safe and can easily flake off into your food. Our Coco Mallet is made from 100% Food Safe Plastic.)

But if you use only the Coco Mallet, you are covered for a year from your date of purchase for home use (warranty is not valid for restaurant or commercial use). We will file your order under your email address, and if your Coco Jack breaks or becomes unusable, send us a note.  You can return it for a free replacement.  Hassle free. 


Your Coco Jack does not require sharpening.  It is designed to be slightly dull.  This makes it much safer and keeps it from getting dented or dinged during use.  It also works just as well as a perfectly sharp version, but is much safer!