About The Inventor

Born in New York City, David Goodman began his musical studies at the age of 11 as a Rock and Roll drummer. By 14, he began studying, composing, and performing as a classical musician. He was accepted to Juilliard Pre-College on scholarship one year later and began conducting shortly thereafter. Fed up with New York City Prep School culture and values, Goodman dropped out of High School during his senior year to devote more time to his burgeoning music career. That same year, he won two competitions at Juilliard.

At 19, disappointed with the professional options as a classical musician, Goodman started his own orchestra: The Wild Ginger Philharmonic. His performances with Wild Ginger were wildly successful, and he was regaled with praise by The Wall Street Journal, Billboard Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Time Out New York and others. Wild Ginger toured the Northeast for 5 seasons before Goodman started experiencing early burnout and became concerned for his health.

Upon returning to New York years later, Goodman turned to the raw food diet and a detoxification regime to restore his health. He lost 100 pounds of body weight in 1 year and sustained the lifestyle for 7 years. During that time, he discovered a love for Fresh Coconuts, which are a staple of the Raw Food Diet. However, he and his musician friends soon quit drinking coconuts because the risk of losing a finger just wasn’t worth it. The idea for Coco Jack was born, but it would take 12 more years to come to fruition.

Moving to Austin, TX in 2012 - and flush with cash from the recent sale of his NYC apartment - Goodman decided to experiment with bringing Coco Jack to life. He met a local blacksmith and created dozens of prototypes in search of the best design. It took over 100 prototypes to perfect the Coco Jack, and after rigorous testing and manufacturing research, Goodman launched “EZ-Coco, LLC” in December of 2013 and sold out of his first inventory in just 5 days. 2 Years later Coco Jack has sold 10s of 1000s of units in over 60 different countries.

A Private Pilot and inveterate traveler, Goodman currently owns 4 RVs located in 3 different cities in the US and is able to run his business living full time on the road. He appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2015 and shook on a deal with Mark Cuban. Goodman plans to pick up his music career later in life. He still considers himself a “baby” as an orchestra conductor. He will certainly travel much more highways with Coco Jack’s success before then. . .