Free Return Shipping

We know you'll love your Coco Jack.  But every once in a while someone decides they want to return theirs.  Maybe they can't find coconuts in their neighborhood.  Maybe they thought it was supposed to be a frying pan.  Or maybe you bought Coco Jack as a gift for a friend, but another friend already bought it for them (this happens a *lot*).  

Whatever the reason, it's no problem at all.  

If you return your Coco Jack within 30 Days, we'll refund your money as soon as it ships out to us.  

And speaking of shipping, we offer Free Return Shipping for our tools.  Just send us an email, and we will send you a label to put back on the box so you can ship it out at no cost to you.  

We believe in our tools at Coco Jack, and we're sure that everyone will love them.  We want *everyone* who opens coconuts to enjoy them safely using our tools, and with many thousands of customers we are well on our way!  

If you'd like help using your tools, check out our instructional videos or get in touch with us for Free Skype Training.  But if you're sure they're not for you, no worries!  Send them back for free, and we'll find a new home for them in no time.  

Thanks so much!