Invest in Coco Jack!

Ever want to invest in Coco Jack?  Now you can!  Thanks to Title III of the 2012 JOBS Act, anyone can invest in companies - no matter your wealth or income!

Coco Jack is raising $500,000 to help us grow our company.  Through our partners at, you are able to invest as much - or as little as you want, starting at $200.  


Crowd Funding is a new concept, but it is a simple one:

Think  Kickstarter + Shark Tank.

So you can back our company just like Kickstarter, but instead of getting just a T-Shirt or a Product, you get to OWN a percentage of the company as well - just like on Shark Tank!


But it gets even better, because our investors will ALSO get special perks for investing in Coco Jack:

~All of our investors will receive a 15% off coupon to share with up to 25 of their friends.

~Investors at the $400 level will receive five Coupon Codes for 40% Off to give away to special friends.  They will also receive a Limited Edition Coco Sack proving their Investor Status.

~Investors at the $800 level will receive all of the above plus an additional 5 Coupon Codes (10 in total) for 40% off to share with their special friends. 

~Investors at $1200 will receive a very special limited edition Coco Jack with our Exclusive Investor Logo Lasered onto it.  This is the ultimate signifier of your ownership of Coco Jack.  You will own a piece of our company, and as we grow, the value of your shares grow too!

We have even more perks for higher level investors as well.  Check our for more info.  

You can see all of the financial and legal information at our Wefunder Page

Below are some common questions about Crowdfunding:

  • What is "Wefunder"?

Wefunder is a Crowd Equity portal - just like Kickstarter, except for purchasing stock in companies, not just their products.  Wefunder is one of the oldest Crowd Equity platforms and has helped companies raise over $40,000,000 from investors just like you.  They handle all of the payment and legal issues, and you can learn more about our company and ask questions at their site.  If you want to invest now, just click here.

  • Why don’t you just ask Mark Cuban for more money?

Mark Cuban is an amazing guy, but he is not our investor.  Like most Shark Tank deals, we shook hands on the show, but after months of negotiating we weren't able to agree on a final deal.  We have nothing bad to say about Mark.  He is a truly inspiring guy!  But for a number of reasons, the deal was not a good fit for our company and we were not able to close.  

  • Is Crowd Funding legal?

Yes!  Reg CF from the 2012 JOBS Act came into effect in May, 2016, and so far nearly 100 companies have successfully raised money from people just like you!  It is a very exciting development for startup companies, and it helps to "democratize" the process of developing your company.  It also lets your friends and fans share in the excitement of growing your business!

  • Is it safe?

There are always risks in business, and you should never invest money that you can't afford to lose.  But Coco Jack has been growing year over year, and we believe our future is very bright.  If you are one of our customers, you believe in us and you "get" us better than anyone.  No one can predict the future, but we are very confident in ours!

  • Do I really own stock in Coco Jack, just like in the Stock Market?

Yes!  While you won't be able to trade Coco Jack stocks on the New York Stock Exchange, when we sell the company - and if we expand - you will be able to sell your shares at a profit just like in the Stock Market.

  • How much money can I make?

The new Reg CF rules won't let us make any promises about how much money you can make.  Our goals are to grow the business to 5 times what we did last year over the next 12 months.  After that we want to grow it 5 times more as we expand internationally and grow into more Big Box Stores.  After that. . . the sky is the limit!

  • Have another question?

Send us an email at or post it at our Wefunder page.  We want you to feel good about making an investment in Coco Jack's future.  And most of all, we want you to feel PROUD to own a piece of our amazing company