Received mine on Saturday! Just opened my first young coconut with it...love it!! So much easier than my old method and no fear of chopping a finger off!


One of my Best kitchen tools LOVE IT !!


Bought a case of young Thai coconuts yesterday and used my CocoJack for this morning's breakfast. Easy! And I'm 72 with arthritis in my hands.


My order arrived last week. We love it!! My daughters were able to open coconuts by themselves!!

Love ours! Tried it last night and the kids can use it too


My 93 year old girlfriend opened her first young coconut with this baby! Wow


I used the coco jack for the first time today :) Worth every penny, especially the coconut meat scoop-tool!!! No more cut hands for me...yup


Your tools are TERRIFIC! I bought a kit during the Raw Expo in Thousand Oaks in January and honestly it is GREAT and SO EASY to handle !! Big compliments for this invention and development! Good luck for the future of your business


Best invention. EVER!!


I've been waiting for this my whole life!


Our family has found that the best/safest way to open these is with a coco jack.


THANK YOU for inventing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time I hack open a coconut with a hammer (because I am too scared to cleave it) I wonder when someone was going to figure this out. I'm so excited!


This thing saved my life!


Thanks so much. I love my coco jack. Was admittedly skeptical but after destroying my shun santoku knife I immediately purchased the whole coco jack kit. It worked just like the videos I watched.


@thecocojack was honestly one of the best purchases I've ever made! I used to spend over 30 minutes trying to open a young coconut with a knife and hammer, it was dangerous and always resulted in a huge mess! Now with @thecocojack I can easily open my coconuts in literally one minute and with no mess involved!

It really is as easy as it looks and so much faster and safer.....must have if you love using coconuts in your dishes


Absolutely LOVE this product!! Brilliant thinking guys!! No more mess and chopped fingers finally!! Thank you.


Just rcvd my Christmas Gift-Coco Jack w the special mallet, scooper & "raw fiber bag"! Amazingly efficient & easy to use! Soo fast & certainly no comparison to my old methods! Thank you for this wonderful creation! What a Great tool/ gift


Best purchase I've ever made!


We love our Coco-Jack here at the Hyatt Pier 66.  It is great that our bartenders have a safe and efficient way to open young coconuts.  We tried Knives and Drills but these options were dangerous and messy. The other tool we tried only put a hole big enough for a straw and that was it.  Now we can put any drink in our coconuts including frozen Pina Coladas.  The guest get really excited when they see the Coco-Jack in action and the bartenders actually enjoy opening coconuts throughout the day.  Thanks to your product, we went from selling less than 10 coconuts per week to about 25 per weekend.  The Coco-Jack has held up well over the past 2 months.

I am impressed with how well the welds have held up after so much use. We are using the original mallet and our technique is consistent. Our tourist season is fast approaching and we will be getting more and more use out of the Coco-Jack. I am not sure how many usages the product is designed for but we are most definitely a good measure of how much daily use it can handle.

Either way, I am very impressed with your product and we are excited to have the Coco-Jack at our pool bar. Thank You so much!


I might just die of excitement...My Mum sent me a Coco-Jack i think she was afraid going to hurt myself the way opening coconuts: needless say it is life changing


I bought it and I love it.. So easy to use it.. no messy.. whoot whoot


I received my Coco Jack this week and I have to tell you that it's fantastic! I'm not the strongest woman in the world, but it takes me only about 5 seconds to open a coconut with your fantastic product. [. . .] And now, I'm getting more for my money by having the coconut meat inside available. Many, many thanks for a fine product!


I bought one & it's the best thing ever. Makes opening coconuts so much easier !


I received my coco jack this Monday and it's amazing! I've gave up eating Thai coconuts and now I will buy them by the case! I can safely open a coconut within 5 secs! Going to give them to family and friends so they can safely and quickly open coconuts. Thank you for inventing this!!!


holy sh*t! that is the COOLEST thing ever. i never buy coconuts because i was super afraid to open them. my son and i opened up one just now and it could not have been easier. awesome!


I love my Coco Jack!! Thank you so much for making it. I have gone from hating to have to open coconuts and waiting for my hubby to do it, to totally going in the fridge and doing it myself!!


I just wanted to let you know I received the coco jack this week and let me tell you, couldn't be more excited!' I won't be in danger of losing a finger or 2 any more! You have to see the methods I was using to open those coconuts!! Thank you so much! I just can't wait to review it for you as, "simply amazing"!!! What a fabulous tool, you are a Genius! I am happy to promote this product.


I purchased mine, and it really works!!! My hubby is so excited that I don't have to bother him any more to open it for me


By the way, I really like your product. I tried it and it is really good. I got one for my family too. Thanks for inventing such a wonderful product - it now makes me buy more coconuts. :-) Will definitely refer this to more friends in the future.


I love mine and proud to tell others about it!


Where have you been all my life!@TheCocoJack - just got it as a gift and tried it. Amazing.


I got mine today, I was literally jumping for joy! I love my coco jack!!!


@thecocojack love love love your product... Thank you so much for sending one out to us :)


Your company has honestly invented one of the best products (ever!) and I am glad that I can share it with the world!


I just used mine for the first time. It was awesome! Other than a bit of spray when it broke through, it was super easy and clean. There is nothing better after a 4 hour bike ride than fresh coconut water. Great invention and it's really well made. Worth every penny!


So glad I don't have to worry about hacking my fingers off any more, was able to use the very first time, it's wonderful!


You Changed My LIfe


Best gadget EVER!!! It opens the top like a lid and you can close it back up! What I love most is.. After I drink it.. And before I eat the meat.. I fill my coconut with filtered water and close the lid and put back in the fridge. It makes the best water vessel ever and infuses the water with just a hint of coconut. Better than the sweet water! I LOVE love love it!


I love mine. Finally I can open coconuts myself.


Received mine on Saturday! Just opened my first young coconut with it...love it!! So much easier than my old method and no fear of chopping a finger off!


I just bought this and love love. Love it!


Love ur product! Just rcvd my Christmas Gift-Coco Jack w the special mallet, scooper & "raw fibre bag"! Amazingly efficient & easy to use! Soo fast & certainly no comparison to my old methods! Thank you for this wonderful creation! What a Great tool/ gift


I wish you loads and loads of success! [. . .] I am sending you link out on Facebook to help spread the word and I wish you years and years of success! [. . .] Best of luck and your tool is so easy to use I had my 9 and 8 year old nieces cracking coconuts over Christmas, they loved it, just not the coconut water :) Kids!


I have already received my coco-jack and we love it! Thanks for it. I have already gotten one friend to buy one , more to come!!!!


I've meant to write...To applaud The Coco Jack which came last week...And to let everyone know how easy and absolutely fun and thrilling it is to use. I was able to proudly show my sweet gardener that I don't need him and his machete any more. And I wanted him to know that dream ideas can become ones dream come true....Thank you for my new yum and nutritious invention...I am so very proud of you who thought it up and then made it happen.


...received it a few weeks ago, and it was his favourite xmas gift! Thanks bunches!


I LOVE my Coco Jack!!! My best Xmas gift!!! Works awesomely Good!;)


It's the coolest thing ever!


It's official; I ADORE my new Coco Jack. Procured at the Raw Living Expo - opening a Thai Young Coconut has NEVER been Easier. For you Young coconut Lovers, you MUST check this out, an investment that will save you time, energy and make indulging in young coconuts oh so accessible!!!


just what I was looking for . this product is great


Awesome! And I love that it opens it leaving you with a lid! After I drink my coconut.. I always fill back up with water a few times! It makes the best reusable water vessel ever! The water gets a nice coconut flavour.. I almost like it better than the water from the coconut.. Not as sweet. Thank you coco jack for your awesome tool!


Love my Coco Jack! Tore through 2 coconuts last night alone.


BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!


Mine works wonderfully !


I love mine. Finally I can open coconuts myself.


thank you!! I just got mine today and was so excited to open my first coconut!!! It's love at first use!! So easy!! Thank you!!! ;)


Bye the way. ..I LOVE MY COCO JACK! I've been looking for something like this for along time. Coco jack takes the dread out if opening coconuts which we love. Now we enjoy all those coconut recipes much more often.


Greetings Coco Jack = effin genius

May I add myself to the many stoked folks who write in with delighted discovery of Coco Jack?
I recently attended a raw food workshop where we made yummie smoothies and elixirs. The grand finale was our teacher, Hedda Leonardi, culinary goddess and creator of The People's Food Evolution, whipping out several Coco Jacks. We gleefully proceeded to learn how to crack the coconuts and scoop out the meat with the wtf-how-awesome is-this?! kits.
I'm mind-blown at the practicality and simplicity of it. No more rusty, clunky meat cleavers trying not to sever a finger cutting a coconut. No more waiting around for the produce dudes at Whole Foods to please cut 'em with their machetes either. No more sweating and scraping with a blunt spoon trying to salvage all the coconut meat within.
How clean is the cut the jack makes: a perfect circle. And how fun it is to bang on it with the popping yellow mallet? And the scoop captures all the meat in one clean rotation.

I can only imagine the drafts, prototypes and head scratching math that probably went into determining the diameter and weight of the jack, the angle, and flexibility of the scoop that is the now fail proof, safe and fun end product!
And the sickle and hammer style logo rocks, too.
The whole package is clean, minimal, beautiful.
Has it won some sort of design/culinary concept award of the year yet 'cuz if Coco Jack hasn't I dunno what should?
I don't have the budget to buy a Vitamix yet and use a humble blender from Target for my coconut recipes yet I ordered a Coco Jack kit without hesitation because of all the reasons above.

Attached is a pic from our workshop. The lady on the lower right is the person who learned about Coco Jack first. Apparently she was hostessing at a restaurant when Dave walked in and talked about his invention. She also gave me a 10% coupon for the website. I joked to her that with this invention, Dave should be happily retired on a tropical island, safely enjoying all the coconuts he pleases.
Thanks for reading and kudos all around. I will be spreading the word on this to anyone I can and look forward to using it for a long time to come.


Hi, just wanted to give an update, I purchased the deluxe coco jack package back in January. I brought it to Andros Island in the Bahamas where my In laws have a home. Very primitive island, no restaurants/ stores etc. although they have plenty of Palm trees with tons of coconuts!! I was nervous the Coco Jack would not work because of all the videos I watched stating it would only work with young Thai Coconuts already with husks removed. I figured I would give it a try, it would be worth the investment if did. I cut down a few young coconuts, took a machete and sliced off about 1" on the bottom, then flipped it over and sliced another 1" off the top. Took the Coco Jack to the top and popped right through! The flat bottom made it easy to set on a table and slicing through the top of the husk made the Coco Jack penetrate the shell. All my coconuts are free down there and it took about 1 1/2 minutes on average to get the straw in!! Thanks for your invention it makes my holidays down there that much better!! Btw, just ordered a second kit!