Safety and Warnings

Legal Disclaimers:

  • Read all warnings and instructions before use.
  • Use Only As Directed
  • Wash all tools thoroughly with a sponge or scrub brush before first use.
  • Do not use with brown, mature, hairy coconuts. 
  • Neither EZ-Coco, LLC, the inventor, designer, nor manufacturers are liable for any misuse of this product.   

Coco Jack

  • Clean thoroughly before first use.
  • EZ-Coco, LLC makes no claims to this product's safety or effectiveness in opening any other kind of coconut or food besides (Fresh Young) Coconuts.
  • Keep away from small children.  Minors should only use with careful strict adult supervision
  • Use only on a sturdy counter top or table.  Hammer blows can break or damage ordinary tabletops and counters.
  • Remove small or breakable items from counter-top before use, as vibrations from hammer strokes my cause them to move or break. 
  • Keep a bowl nearby during use in order to catch liquid should coconut burst open during use.
  • Use only with EZ-Coco mallet.  Not tested or approved for use with other mallets, hammers, or beaters. Do not use metal hammers on your Coco Jack.
  • Keep fingers away from cutting edge at all times, especially during use and while prying off the Coco Jack from the coconut crown.
  • Always use with rubber safety mat (Coco Shock).
  • Hold handle grip securely with non-hammering hand to prevent vibrations and to keep coconut from sliding around the table
  • Keep non-hammering hand well out of the way during hammering.  Always hold the rubber/vinyl grip in order to ensure adequate clearance from the hammer.
  • Do not use if you have any medical condition that would prevent you from consistently hitting the desired spot on your Coco Jack with the mallet or if you are on any medications that would prevent you from doing same.  Do not operate under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Coco Jack could be very dangerous if misused.
  • Do not over-hammer your Coco Jack.  Over-hammering may cause the coconut to break or explode.
  • Recommended to open only 10-15 coconuts before resting in order to avoid fatigue.  Rubber/vinyl grip should always be used in order to absorb shock and vibration to the hand.
  • Use the hammer only for the Coco Jack and not for any other household purposes in order to avoid cross-contamination with food.
  • In humid conditions, condensation may form on coconuts causing them to become slippery.  Use extra caution as well as a dry towel to grip the coconuts while prying the Coco Jack out if the coconuts are wet.  Slippage of the coconut during use may cause bodily injury.
  • If your Coco Jack includes a "seam" at the top of the "cup," be sure to scrub thoroughly when cleaning with a stiff bristled brush, otherwise, bacteria formation may occur and cause a health risk to the user.


  • Remove rubber/vinyl grip before cleaning and allow the handle and the grip to dry thoroughly before reassembling.
  • Wash Coco Mallet gently with a damp cloth and mild soap if necessary.  Do not submerge in water, and do not place in dishwasher.


  • Clean thoroughly and allow to dry completely before storing.
  • Always store items in the Coco Sack with the dull side against the bottom so as not to tear the sack.  Straws and brushes should be placed lying down against the bottom of the bags.

Other Tools

  • Scoop tools and Coco "noodler" tools are very sharp.  Avoid contacting the metal cutting surface with your fingers or other body parts.
  • Glass Straws ("Coco Sippers") may become damaged or chipped during shipping.  Use extreme caution when reaching into your package to retrieve these, or any items if your package contains glass straws.  Chipped or damaged straws may cause serious injury to hands and mouth and should be discarded immediately.  Visually inspect all "Coco Sippers" to make sure there are no chips or breaks on the surface.  If any damage is discovered, discard the straw(s) immediately and contact EZ-Coco, LLC for replacement parts.  Under no circumstances should you use any chipped or damaged sippers - or any other damaged EZ-Coco Product.